Sara Philace


Backpacking Europe Packing List


Table of Contents for This Particular Guide

  • Fast Tricks for Packing Light
  • Clothes
  • Traveling Accessories
  • Toiletries
  • Electronic Equipment for Traveling
  • First Aid Things
  • What
  • Where to Buy Supplies

Fast Strategies For Packing Light For Backpacking In Europe
First, I propose restricting yourself to 20-22lbs worth of equipment (including your back pack). Should you surpass 22lbs (10kg) you begin running the danger of exceeding the carry-on weight limit for budget airlines (Ryanair). I propose keeping your weight around 20lbs., even in the event you do not plan on taking airplanes

Cut The Clothes: Pretty much all of the weight in your backpack comes from your clothing. Most inexperienced travelers bring way an excessive amount. There isn’t actually any difference between packaging for 6 weeks or 6 months, because you will only do laundry about every week.

You are simply going to get a couple tops/trousers so make certain they all fit each other. Select dark and neutral colours (dark shades conceal soil/spots better than light colours). Most Europeans often wear clothes anyways that are more dim.

You need to dress in layers, if it’s definitely going to be chilly. A large bulky jacket is not going to be practical (unless you are going to someplace incredibly chilly). A thermal base layer, long sleeve t shirt, jumper and fleece jacket combo is a great deal more practical when compared to a large coat. You always have the option to add/subtract layers if necessary. Click the link for the Informed Backpacker guide to keeping warm in winter months.

Cut The Toiletries: Liquid/gels/etc. weigh a lot. Restrict yourself to the very principles.

Lose The Bulky Guidebook: Guidebooks are excellent, however they may not be light. Cut out the pages which are of interest to you personally. You will lose most of the majority in this way.

Particular Note – Looking Great vs. Packaging Lighting

You need to appear great in Europe, I comprehend. Europeans are known for being superb stylish and you would like to be the same. It simply is not practical to wear clothes that are really nice as a backpacker. You’ve limited space in your bag, therefore it does not make sense to package an ensemble that you are just going to wear. This does not mean you’ve to look like a slob. It really is easy to appear presentable so long as you package things that look great when worn with each other.